We emphasize the layout planning
and process analysis
In China, the common situation is, to speed up die making, most die shops neglect the layout planning and process analysis, which causes even more time is spent on die trial and modification or even worse, more parts are needed to be changed. More haste and less speed. In these cases, time is wasted and the quality is unguaranteed and the cost is out of control.

Blacksmith fully understands the importance of the layout planning and process analysis. To understand our customers’ requirements, we keep close contact with their engineers during the whole process, and to further make sure to match and adapt their production equipment. Also We run simulation for products in details and get approval from customers for every step by our process control documents.
Effective control over the
quality of machining
The layout planning and precise simulation can only theoretically promise the effectiveness of our design. To make die with great quality and make sure the precise machining for every single parts, fine machining is necessary. That’s why in Blacksmith, we optimize machining techniques with best configuration for equipment and cutting tools as well as rigid control over the whole machining process.