Company Profile

Blacksmith was founded in 2012, moved from Shenzhen to Dalang (Plant DL) Dongguan in 2014. In 2018, another new plant was opened in Dongcheng (Plant DC) Dongguan.

Tiger, the owner of Blacksmith, has been manufacturing stamping dies for over 33 years. Because of his passion for die making , he started Shenzhen Blacksmith Technology Limited with like-minded partners, that all have specialized skills and an aim to manufacture best-in-class automotive stamping dies.

Under leadership of Tiger, Blacksmith is focused on a higher standard of manufacture since the very beginning. This includes a heavily engineered concept design and process layout as well as simulation, which considers all aspects of the part process as it makes its way through and out of the tool . The 3D die design is robust ,sturdy , and designed to be a long lasting tool . In this way , Blacksmith not only controls cost but controls quality and exceptional project timing , finishing ahead of schedule each and every time.